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Lemon Balm: An Herb for Grumps of Any Age PDF Print E-mail

by Susan Stanton, Staff Herbalist
July 2015

Too hot to sleep on this muggy July night, Ihave lingered in the garden, entertained by fireflies and heat lightning.  Dragging my feet toward the house, accidentally brush against a bushy knee-high plant.  Pow!  All at once the unmistakable lemony aroma reaches me and restores my enthusiasm.
Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is sometimes called “the gladdening herb,” a name that barely begins to describe its usefulness for, among other things, improving one’s mood.  In the dead of winter combine the tincture or glycerite of lemon balm with St. John’s wort tincture for adults with mild to moderate depression related to Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.). Research and clinical practice have confirmed that Melissais helpful for acute anxiety, encouraging sleep, and quelling agitation in Alzheimer’s patients.

BFC Recipes: Homemade Frozen Dessert Treats PDF Print E-mail

by Chris Ellis
July 2015

Many frozen treats can be made easily and inexpensively at home with a little bit of time. A couple refreshing and tasty recipes follow that are made from the bounty of fresh fruit available locally in the summer months.
Popsicle Making
A wise purchase for summer use are Popsicle holders, which can be found at many kitchen or hardware stores.
Popsicle making is quite easy. Purée or blend your favorite fruit or fruit blend with a small amount of sweetener such as honey, maple syrup, or sugar, and pour the mixture into the Popsicle holder. Place the stick into it and freeze until solid or until just slightly frozen. An alternative to Popsicle holders are small paper cups with a stick for each cup. This is a favorite summer snack for kids and adults and can be made with fresh juices too. Using juices or puréed or blended fruits helps to provide some hydration too, which is essential in the summer.  

Frozen Treats! PDF Print E-mail

by Chris Ellis, Staff Nutritionist
July 2015

Hot sun, thick humidity you can cut with a knife, warm nights and lazy afternoons—not to mention sweet and juicy melons and berries. The dog days of summer are with us for only a couple months. I savor the hot days—they go by fast but at the same time they drain a lot of my energy so there is nothing better than a cold refreshing drink or frozen dessert for a quick pick up. As a child growing up in Putney, my favorite treat was the delivery at our back door of milk and milk products by Maple Farms Dairy. A couple times a week, I looked forward to seeing the big Maple Farms milk truck head up our driveway. Unfortunately those days are long gone! My mother did not give us many sweet treats but she did let us indulge in ice cream bars or ice cream off the truck during the summer. Wow, they tasted great on a hot summer day!!

BFC Recipes: Strawberry-Pomegranate Smoothie PDF Print E-mail

by Robin Asbell
July 2015

The antioxidant superstar pomegranate juice adds a wonderful, tart flavor to this smoothie. A banana and some creamy kefir balance the tartness and make it a lovely pink.
2 cups frozen strawberries
1 large frozen banana, cut in chunks (see Tip)
1 cup kefir, or yogurt, or non-dairy milk
1 cup pomegranate juice
2 tablespoons pomegranate seeds (optional)
In a blender, pile in the strawberries and frozen banana, then add kefir and pomegranate juice. Process to puree, serve garnished with pomegranate seeds.
Tips & Notes
If you’ve got too many ripe bananas, cut or break them into chunks, seal in a plastic bag, and pop into the freezer to add to future smoothies.
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