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BOD Report: Going Deeper Into the Community PDF Print E-mail

By Anna Edson
September 2015

I grew up not knowing the term "community outreach," but as a teenager I volunteered at an elementary school helping teachers with class materials and a fifth grader with autism strengthen his reading and math skills. Later, I did a little work for the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Big Brothers and Sisters. It felt great to help others, and little did I realize it would lead to bigger challenges and passions.
In 1997, I vacationed in Brattleboro right before Christmas. After living in cities with millions of people, I fell in love with the feel of the small town, and I fell in love with the sense of community. In 1998 I moved here and started working at the Brattleboro Food Co-op, mostly as a sub. Over the last 17 years I have helped paint the outside and inside of the Drop In Center, helped clean and paint a Little League field, and have tried to do my share of parental duties at my sons' schools. Recently I have volunteered to crochet blankets for Project Linus, and sent a couple people with the same passion their way. I like helping.

Tomatoes PDF Print E-mail

by Chris Ellis, Staff Nutritionist
September 2015

I look forward to seeing the first cherry tomato of any variety, ripe and ready for picking on my plants in the garden. The time has come for all the impatient tomato worshippers. A major food that marks the summer is now ripe and available in abundance in many gardens: the glorious tomato. They are so juicy and sweet as candy! Nothing compares to the locally grown tomatoes and they complement so many foods so well! Ever versatile, they can be used in so many ways. Some of my most favorite are a sandwich (no bread is necessary though it can be a little messy without it) with fresh basil, sliced raw tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella cheese (preferably from Vermont too); or in a salad with a small amount of greens; or last but not least, fresh salsa—all mouth watering delicacies! Fresh tomato soup on a cool fall day is very tasty too—with plenty of basil, fresh garlic and parsley, you couldn't ask for more!

Shareholder Forum: Meet the Candidates Forum PDF Print E-mail

by Tad Montgomery
September 2015

The Co-op Shareholder Forum (SF) has been meeting for over a year now, and one of the topics that has been discussed a number of times is the board election process. How can we facilitate the board election process such that highly qualified candidates step up to run, as many shareholder-members as possible participate, and we make the most informed decisions about who should be governing our Co-op? At the July SF it was decided, with the current Board's collaboration, that candidates for the Co-op Board of Directors would be invited to meet with member-shareholders at the Co-op's Apple Cider Social on Columbus Day, October 12. This will be a time when shareholders can ask questions of the candidates and get a sense of who they are.

BFC Recipes: Stuffed Tomatoes PDF Print E-mail

by Chris Ellis, Staff Nutritionist
September 2015

Here is a favorite recipe of mine, adapted from Laurel's Kitchen by Laurel Robertson, C. Flinders, and B. Godfrey, which uses the bounty of summer produce.     ~ Chris Ellis
4-6 ripe medium-sized tomatoes
1 medium onion

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