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June 3

June 3

Read about how Frost Beer is made in Food For Thought!


Frost Beer Works will be at the Co-op June 8th (3-5pm)


Garin and Christina Frost of Frost Beer Works

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Shareholder Forum: Your Greater Voice PDF Print E-mail

by Kathy Carr, Barry Aleshnick, and Mike Szostak

 The Shareholder Forum was formed to increase transparency and dialogue in our community Co-op. It has become an integral part of our Co-op structure and a source of positive dialogue,
initiative, and support for the Co-op and its programs.

The Forum seeks to be of greater service to our Co-op and our community, as expressed in our mission statement:

The primary purpose of the Shareholder Forum is to exercise and promote cooperative values and principals by givingshareholders a greater voice in our Co-op and to incubate creative ideas, which lead to constructive actions.

With this focus and in the spirit of creative ideas leading to constructive actions, our March forum held a panel discussion on Food Justice - A Community Dialogue.

It was well attended and provided a wealth of new ideas and information on a range of food justice issues for our community.

All are highly encouraged to watch the Food Justice panel online with many thanks to Kip
Tewksbury and BCTV for their good work getting it recorded and publicized.It is also available on YouTube (search “Food Justice Brattleboro” or follow link), and has already had many hits from outside our area. Help us go viral!

As a result of this community dialogue, the Forum is looking for ways to help various segments of the population that we’ve identified to be in dire need of healthy and affordable food.

Like many community dialogues, more questions were created than answered:

  • How do we provide for others in our community?
  • How can we be part of the solution?
  • What can we members of the BFC do?

As Co-op shareholders who adhere to the principles of co-operative values, we are
looking to focus our time, energy and resources on continuing to bridge our Co-op with our community.

Towards this goal and in an effort to better focus the work of the Shareholder Forum, we are reaching out to all 6500 members of our Co-op to garner information, support and participation.

To do so, the Shareholder Forum has created a survey online at Survey Monkey.

The survey will be open through June 19th, and we are looking for feedback on questions such as:

  • To date, the Shareholder Forum has held two Community Dialogues: Meet the BFC Board Candidates, and Food Justice. If you attended either, how useful did you find them to you personally?
  • What future topics would interest you?
  • How important do you find the Shareholder Forum in the Co-op structure now, or in the future?
  • Are you interested in participating in the Shareholder Forum, either at meetings, in the Co-op or outside community, or from home or work?

We have lots of creative ideas and the will to transform these ideas into action, but we can only continue with wider participation from more Co-op members.

If you can take the time, we’d greatly appreciate your responses to the survey, because those results will shape the direction of the Shareholder Forum. They will be published in a future Food For Thought.

Thank you for helping our Co-op meet the growing and changing needs of our community. Without your involvement, we don’t have a true Co-op.


Join us for the June BFC Shareholder Forum on Sunday, June 19th from 5-7pm in the BFC Community Room. Refreshments served! New agenda items are always welcome!