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June 3

June 3

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Frost Beer Works will be at the Co-op June 8th (3-5pm)


Garin and Christina Frost of Frost Beer Works

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PRODUCER OF THE MONTH: Rosie Schulick PDF Print E-mail

December 2016
by Ruth Garbus

Rosie Schulick started her business early: she’s been sharing her creations in the local marketplace since she was a little girl, under the name Rosie’s Wonders, which was coined by her mother when Rosie was just nine years old.

Over the years Rosie has honed her skills in many arts and crafts, from jewelry-making and weaving to drawing and painting. The child of two local entrepreneurs, Rosie’s creative endeavors found a home in the local marketplace even in childhood, and after graduating from college she expanded into Bennington, Chester, and beyond.

Seeing that the greeting cards were the best avenue for growth, her parents (also her business partners) encouraged her to make them her focus. And they seem to have been right: despite early feedback that there was significant competition in the greeting card market, Rosie’s Wonders is showing much promise. Through various avenues, including trade shows and online craft marketplaces, she’s picked up orders from nearly 100 shops around the US, including Texas, Missouri, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. In just the last few months she’s hired a part time employee and moved to a larger studio space in Cotton Mill Hill in order to keep up with the demand, and is enjoying the thriving community there.

Making the cards always starts with inspiration— images might arise from her wanderings with her dog, Tula, or from other spacious moments when she can let her imagination flow. She always carries her sketchbook and jots down ideas as they come to her, and then expands them in the studio. The final illustrations are made freehand using an India ink pen in combination with watercolor pencils, both of which, in their immediacy and permanence, leave much room for beautiful accidents and unpredictability.

That is a common theme seen in all of Rosie’s art: whether in the graceful slouch of one of her porcelain vessels, the rough gemstones loosely entwined in her jewelry, or the haphazard line of an illustration, everything she makes embodies this spirit of exploration, play, and openness. “Keeping that alive in this culture seems important,” she says, and her cards are a wonderfully simple avenue for bringing more of this into peoples’ lives. To that end, though many of Rosie’s Wonders cards are perfect for holidays and major life events, her favorites are those suitable for sending on any occasion, or for no occasion at all. Perhaps a little less emailing and a few more random acts of card-sending could go a long way in creating a richer and more joyful existence for us all!

When asked about future plans, Rosie exhibits a similar sense of openness, but this is balanced by a determination to uphold her ideals. For instance, all of Rosie’s Wonders products are eco-friendly, and not just the cards themselves: the clear envelopes they’re packaged in are biodegradable, and even the boxes and packing materials they’re shipped in are 100% recycled. This reveals a true commitment to growing her business with a firm footing in eco-friendly practices, regardless of her bottom line.

Rosie’s Wonders cards open a little window onto an enchanting life of playfulness and joy, and we hope you spread some of her spirit out into the world this holiday season! You can find her cards next to the cookbook section of the Wellness department, across from Customer Service at the Co-op.

Come meet Rosie Shulick at the Co-op on Saturday, Dec. 10th from 3-5!