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June 3

June 3

Read about how Frost Beer is made in Food For Thought!


Frost Beer Works will be at the Co-op June 8th (3-5pm)


Garin and Christina Frost of Frost Beer Works

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Recipe: Mac & Cheese by Boston Post Dairy PDF Print E-mail

by Boston Post Dairy
April 2017

Boston Post Dairy Mac & Cheese

Recipe: Manoushe wit Za'atar PDF Print E-mail

April 2017

Manoushe with Za'atar

(Lebanese Herb Flatbread)

Herb of the Month: Za'atar PDF Print E-mail

by Chris Ellis, Staff Nutritionist
April 2017

What is Za’atar?

It was a totally new word to me—it’s an herb and spice blend, and can be found alongside other seasonings and mixes. Even though some of you may be familiar with it, we decided it was well worth it to inform other Co-op shoppers who don’t know about it. Za’atar is available in a spice jar in the Bulk department, way down at the bottom far end, since it starts with the last letter of the alphabet, and perhaps this is one reason why it may be overlooked. It has a dark green or brownish color with specks of white from the sesame seeds that are a key part of the mix. I tasted it as is before I even started writing about it or using it in cooking—it has a mild saltiness with a lemon twist and a strong flavor of thyme and oregano. The sesame seeds give it a light crunch. Right away I imagined it would be a tasty blend to add to olive oil for dipping bread in, and I soon learned it is often used this way.

What's New at the Co-op? PDF Print E-mail

Help Us Name the Owl!
We currently have an in-store program called Who Knew to educate shoppers on the Co-op and products. You may see our friendly owl sharing factoids and educational content on our shelves. We really want help naming our cute little owl. 

In March bring your name suggestion to Shareholder Services and the first 30 people who do so will get a free OWL Pellet. We will then have an in store vote for the name based on five randomly drawn names from the suggestions.

Shur Fine Frozen Veggies, a Co-op Basic
Cheap, frozen veggies for potpies, stir-fry and as a side dish!  Only $1.29!

In-House Smoker
Our Deli now has a smoker up in the commissary kitchen and keeps serving up great new recipes like hickory smoked wings, BBQ pork ribs and even smoked salmon.  Look for our offerings each day in the deli and grab and go!

Our New Website is in the Works…
As many of you know our website is out of date and not mobile friendly. Thus its time for us to do a complete overhaul with a new design that is mobile friendly and has tons of beautiful images.

Join us on March 30th from 4:30-5:30pm in the BFC Community Room as we would love your feedback on the following questions: How do you currently use our website? What would you like for content on our website?

RECIPE: KT’s Late Summer Tomato, Mozzarella, and Melon Salad PDF Print E-mail

Cut out and clip this recipe to your July or August calendar to make when tomatoes and melons are in season. And remember when purchasing basil at the Co-op, it stays fresher in our walk-in refrigerator, so ask someone who is working in our Produce Department to get it for you in half or full bunches.

Serves 8


½ medium melon, seeds scooped out, cantaloupe or honeydew 

1 pint cherry tomatoes, small ones, any color you like 

1 cup small fresh mozzarella balls

1 tablespoon olive oil

½ teaspoon salt

¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

8 basil leaves, washed and dried


Scoop out the melon using a special baller tool or a small spoon. Place the melon balls in a large bowl.

Add the cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls to the bowl.

Add the oil, salt, and pepper and stir to coat the ingredients.

Divide the salad among shallow bowls, artfully garnish each with a basil leaf, and serve.

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